• You've Got This

    Out of Love

    I believe in love; it's the source of everything. I'm not saying life is all sunshine and rainbows (although that can be fun!); it can also be really tough, but there is a quiet strength that comes when you're living out of love. Each moment presents a choice. This is where our power lives.

    Live Your Life

    You are your own superhero—the lead in your own movie—and you have the choice to not only star in the film, but also hold the pen; you are the screenwriter. How do you want to live?


    Right here, right now, in this moment... you determine your future life and—more importantly—your future SELF. Who do you want to be?

  • Business Coach

    Dream Builder & Magic Maker

  • My Story


    My childhood was filled with the arts and I spent my time training with some of the best dancers in the world (i.e., Rex Harrington), singing, and acting (i.e., Twilight, The Company Your Keep with Shia Labeouf + Robert Redford, Disney + Nickelodeon films). I was fortunate to also gain experience casting, stunt training (with Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt man) and doing voice over work (i.e., A&E TV show + national commercial), the last of which I continue to do today.


    I spent the last few years working for Make Your Mark, assisting with live events involving world-renowned thought leaders (i.e., Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul; John Gray, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus; Ken Honda, Happy Money). I was also responsible for running the Vancouver sales team and managing a wide range of clients/entrepreneurs.


    My most important job is being a single mom to my amazing daughter who inspires me to be all that I can be.


    Throughout my life—be it at home or at work—people have come to me for empathy, clarity, insight and a new perspective. I've watched them leave these conversations feeling lighter, more confident, more at ease, motivated and ready to move forward in whatever they are facing. I love it! I love seeing people inspired for what's next and am passionate to use my skills in helping others pursue their passions. So here I am. Let's talk!

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    These 30-minute calls are useful for shorter discussions, questions, or processing decisions to be made in light of things that pop up, as they do.


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    We can chat as often as you like!


    Book these 1-hour calls for when you really want to get into something you're grappling with.


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  • One short consultation and my business more than doubled!

    "Heather's common-sense advice and self-esteem boosting really helped me to set more boundaries, attract clients who needed and appreciated my skills and experience, and carve out more time for family and myself while earning more and building my brand."


    Marce Prefontaine

    Green Clean & Vegan Cuisine

    Do not be fooled... under that sweet young persona is a NINJA COACH.

    "Heather listens to your words with her heart and soul, and is able to laser focus on what matters. Each time I speak with Heather, I feel a paradigm shift and am left feeling inspired with a new perspective."


    Fran Christie
    Founder of SmartKids SmartParents

    Just what I needed!

    "Heather listened with intention and provided valuable reflections that got me out of my own head. I recommend her to anyone looking for help finding clarity on anything!"


    Eileen Rothe
    Co-Owner of Taendem Agency